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At some point, you're going to need the expertise of an electrician in East Haven- will you know who to call? The sooner you do your homework and lock down the right local electrical professional, the better off you'll be. Ask around and local home and business owners will tell you that Professional Electrical Services has proven to be dedicated to outstanding customer service. Job safety and customer satisfaction are our two top priorities and the driving force behind all that we do. Nothing is quite as essential to your home or business as electricity is, but it also comes with considerable risk and responsibility. Trust our team of electricians for high-quality repairs and maintenance for the electrical system in your East Haven home or business.

Look To Our East Haven Team For Knot & Tube Wiring Removal & Replacement

Professional Electrical Services has dealt with our fair share of knob and tube wiring removal and replacement in the East Haven area. As bona fide electrician pros, we can't stress enough the importance of updating and upgrading your electrical system, especially if you still have knot and tube wiring. It's a good idea to point out that knob and tube wiring hasn't been used since it was made obsolete in the 1940s. If you're still living with electrical wiring that hasn't been used for 80 years, that's reason enough to schedule knob and tube wiring removal and replacement.

We understand the charm and allure of older, historic homes. However, you can have the look and feel of antique living without the risk that outdated wiring poses. Also referred to as K&T wiring, it's known for:

  • Lacking ground conduction
  • Sagging over time
  • Not meeting current electrical codes
  • Making it impossible to meet modern demands
  • Wiring insulation deterioration

Homeownership aims to create a comfortable, convenient, and safe environment for you and your family. Unstable and unpredictable wiring goes against all of the things you're trying to accomplish. Electrical wiring is never something you should take lightly, and that includes the duty of hiring the right electrician for your job. Trust us to safely address your need for knob and tube wiring removal and replacement, and any other electrical tasks you have at hand.

Hire The Best For New Construction Wiring In East Haven

When it comes to new commercial construction in East Haven, there's no room for cutting corners. This is especially true for the electrician you hire for the job. If you're considering your options for hiring a professional to take care of your new construction wiring, here are some facts you should know about our team here at Professional Electrical Services:

  • Adhere to industry regulations
  • Strict compliance with local codes
  • Provide electrical safety inspections
  • Local leading service providers
  • Committed to safety and satisfaction

The level of quality materials and work that goes into your job should be uncompromised. We're dedicated to ensuring that the job is done with superior precision and skill from the beginning.

The good news is that this ensures that the wiring is ready for years of peak performance, without the likelihood of any incidents. Get in touch with us today and find out firsthand what exceptional service really looks like.

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